Slots games Lingo and Terminology 2/2

teacher_apple120118If you didn’t catch us in the first part, the idea through this article is to leave for players and enthusiasts alike an ABC list of all the slots games related terms and expressions. Sometimes it’s difficult to keep track of so many terms, so we made the effort to explain them as concretely as possible.  To see the first part of this list, click Slots games Lingo and Terminology 1/2.

Pay Out Percentage

  • Pay out Percentage corresponds to the parameter that slots games developers set to each machine. This parameter explains the percentage of action the machine will have to see to pay back in the long term.

Pay Table

  • Pay Table is a chart which lets the player see how much exact money a win will give.


  • Pokies corresponds to an Australian term  for “ slots games”. Normally the ones that receive this nickname are developed by casino related products manufacturers Aristocrat.

Progressive Jackpot

  • Progressive Jackpot makes allusion to any jackpot whose grand total comes from an interconnected found, which grows from a little percentage of each play a progressive slots faces. They are considered the biggest jackpots a player can get from slots games.

Random Number Generator (RNG)

  • Randon Number Generator is software that is found on every modern slot machine. This software dictates where will the reels stop.


  • Reels are the part of any slot machine that spins when the player pulls the handle or clicks the spinning button. As such, they can be real reels or a displayed video on a reel showing reels.

Scatter Pay

  • Scatter Pay is a feature commonly found on online slots. This feature usually takes the player to a bonus screen for an extra game, increasing his reward.

Slot Machine

  • Slot Machine are the purpose of this article. They are the incredible games we talk about in this slots blog.


  • Symbols are the images that populate the reels of slots games. Aligning this in different ways provide different rewards for the player..

Video Slot

  • Video Slot is a kind of slots game that utilizes a computer screen to show the action instead of having physical spinning reels. They have become very popular in the last decade.

Wild Symbol

  • Wild symbol corresponds to a symbol that acts as the joker of slots games. They can replace any other symbol in an alignment.



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