Slots games Lingo and Terminology 1/2

teacher_apple120118As every casino game, slots games have their own lingo. Many expressions and words may be typical to every slots games player, but novices may have trouble keeping up with the terminology. Even veteran players may have problems remembering some concepts. That said, we decided to put up a space where the most common slots games related expressions and terms are explained into a simple and easy way:

 Max Bet

  • The Max Bet corresponds to the maximum amount of credits that can be gambled per play.


  • Bonuses are any additional ways that the player can exploit to win more, like free spins.

Buy a Pay

  • Buy a Pay basically means that a slot functions with many pay tables. This means that every additional coin the player bets, grants another pay tables. A crucial advice is to play the Max Bet available in this kind of game.


  • Buttons are the way the player gives different orders to slots game. They are the means of communication between the player and the slot.


  • Coins are the currency which runs on slots. An X  amount of coins, equals to an X amount of money.

Coin Value

  • Coin Value is the actual value of each coin. This depends on the slot, the manufacturer and other factors.

Hit Rate

  • The Hit Rate of a slot is the value that describes what chances the player has of getting a win. This also applies to the chances of getting bonuses and other benefits..


  • The Hooper is the storage part of land-based slot machine. All the coins are stored in there. It may sound pretty obvious, but online slots don’t have them.


  • The Jackpot is that thing which every player aspires to get. It’s the greatest win a player can bet by playing on slots games.

Linked Jackpot/Progressive Jackpot

  • A Linked Jackpot is a jackpot whose credits are obtained through a series of interconnected slots games.  By many players, progressive slots are the best slots, based on the amount of money they can give on a win. Each machine offers its grain of salt to the jackpot, often surpassing the million dollar mark.  Megabucksis the most famous linked jackpot game available.

Maximum Bet

  • The Maximum Bet is the top amount of coins a player can bet on a single game. The amount is always pointed out by the slot.


  • A Multi-Line slot machine is a slot that lets the player play with more than 1 line.

Pay Line

  • The Pay-Line is the place where the player musts align winning symbols in order to get a win.

With that we concluded our first entry in what is known as slots terminology or lingo. Follow us on our next entry, as we continue to unveil the terminology behind the fantastic world of slots games.

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