Slots games myths and legends

slots gamesSlots games are by far one of the most mythical games in the world of casino gaming. Enter any casino and you will always find that spooky yet attractive veteran player, who will kindly share his knowledge with you. The hook is that these… let’s say “tips” are usually pieces of advice founded at nothing. We could describe it as useless information that sounds attractive. Many people take them as the path to know how to win at slots but today… we will debunk some of most common slots games myths, so you can be better prepared.

 Loser Damnation = Winner Luck

Have you ever played in a real casino and seen the player sitting next to you lose hundreds of dollars in minutes and not hit a single winning combination? I most certainly have, and I remember someone telling me to play on that machine because now it was prepared to give the jackpot. I listened to the well intentioned man and tried my. The problem occurred because instead of heeding common sense, I assumed that I would win that machine, based on the amount of money that had accumulated. This was not the case. Machines are 100% random, which means that each result will be different from before. They do not have a fixed amount in coordinated memory to provide a winning combination. A machine never overheats, and you never receive an award based on the amount of action the machine has lived.

Buttons and levers do differ the result

Each machine has a random number generator. This means that no matter what you do with the machine. Once the button is pushed or the lever is pulled, the machine will have already determined what the outcome will be, making no difference if you pull the lever or push the button, because none of them will determine the outcome. They are there for decoration so you bet more, nothing more.

Runaway Anxiety

Slots games are constantly changing combinations faster than you or what I could come to understand, and most of these machines generate thousands of combinations in a second. This means that even if you had been playing on the same machine for a certain period of time, there is no guarantee you would have won the jackpot. This also applies to online slot machines.

Recent Jackpot = More Jackpots

This slots games myth is the most frequent among players, because they think that if the machine has already delivered a jackpot, they will be less likely to deliver another jackpot again. Remember that the results in slots games are random. Just because the machine gave a jackpot doesn’t mean that it will not deliver another again. If a player has just won a jackpot, the odds of winning one will be no different to those prevailing before winning it.

We hope this article has helped you realize that these tricks do not work. All that will achieve is to dig a big hole in your pocket to make you think that you will win the jackpot. Play within your limits and use common sense, and remember that this is a game of chance, so always play slots for fun.


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