Slots games Stereotypes – new studies on the matter

slotsAny slots blog should pay attention to this topic, as it conveys every slots games player out there. Stereotypes are to be found in each and every activity if it proves to be popular enough.  Of course, they should always be taken with a grain of salt as stereotypes are often based on simple observation and not proper and objective investigations.

Today a new research has reached the web, offering new insight on these stereotypes, and the consensus is that they are simply untrue. The investigation shows that slots games players don’t actually belong to a certain profile. Stereotypes often dictate that slots games players are senior citizens, with little economic support, investing their pension on entertainment. As a slots blog, we think it is imperative to shed light on this matter, as it affects thousands of players worldwide.

Oregon State University - new light/old matter

The normal belief  is that these senior citizens are in the lookout for a big win, so they can partake their last mega holiday or directly pay for a retirement home. Oregon State University-Cascades, which developed this new study, reveled something totally different. Sandy Chen, the leading investigator, commented that after a thorough study they reached the conclusion that the most common player to be found on slots games are female homeowners. This already dismisses the stereotype that says that slots games players are of a low economic class. Their investigations also revealed that there is a tendency for slots games players to be between 55 and 60 years old, having a maximum of college education. Their annual income surpasses $55,000.

Surprising Facts

“There’s just not a lot out there about why people are attracted to slot machines. And that is surprising, since the bulk of a casino’s revenue comes from slot machines.” Previous research has come up with certain figures, such as the fact that seventy per cent of most casino revenues come from slot machines, which is a huge increase on how things stood in the 1970s, when that figure was only forty per cent. “There are very different motivations for playing slot machines, “so casinos may be making a mistake when they take a one-size-fits-all approach to marketing, or creating an atmosphere within their facility. They may be better off with a segmentation approach.” Sandy Chen commented to the media.


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