Slots With a Twist – Here’s What You Need to Know About Slots Tournaments

Do you enjoy slots but hate how low the odds are for these things? Are you a highly competitive type who can’t bear to play a game alone and without the push of competition from other players? Then slots tournaments are something that you might want to try out.


Commonly held in large casinos (to accommodate the large crowds that participate in this kind of event), slots tournaments give your old regular slots a new competitive spin. Instead of playing by your lonesome, you will go against a group of opponents to vie for prizes.

Playing Your First Slots Tournament


Joining a slots tournament often involve paying a buy-in fee just like what you would encounter in poker tournaments. But the big difference here is that the buy in fee is the only fee that you’ll shell out when you play- you’re not allowed to use your money to use on the machines when the tournament is in progress.
Once you pay the entry or buy-in fee, you’ll be given a set number of credits that you’ll use on the machines. All tournaments run on a strict schedule. For example, a $100 entry fee will give you 1000 credits which you’ll need to use on the machines for 20 minutes. Any credits that you didn’t manage to use will be lost; also, most of the other features that are usually found on slot machines such as the turbo or autoplay are not available when you play.
The player who manages to win the most amount of credits within the specified time limit is declared the champion of the tournament.

Why Slots Tournaments are Better Than Regular Slots


Aside from the added thrill of competition, slots tournaments can even give you better chances of winning a prize than when you play slots by your lonesome. For example, most casinos collect all of the fees paid by the participants into one communal prize pot. After taking a small cut (say 10%), the casino gives out the rest of the amount as prizes. And most of the time, there are multiple winners! The person who managed to win the most number of credits wins the top prize, and those that are ranked below him can get lesser prizes. Even those at the bottom of the rankings can even get consolation prizes if the tournament provides for it.

Slots Tournaments Tips


Of course, you don’t need any special knowledge to play slots, but you do need a lot of skill to be able to play effectively during tournaments. Here are some helpful tips:


1. Time is of the essence. You should be fast enough to play all of your credits within the alloted time. Always keep your fingers on the spin button (or lever) and your eyes on the screen.


2. Concentrate on the game at hand. Don’t celebrate after every winning spin, and don’t bother looking at the scores of the opponents near you. You can do these things after the tournament.


3. Make sure that you get a lot of sleep and rest before the tournament. Boredom is the number one opponent of most slots tournament players- it keeps them from being focused on the machines and affects their playing speed.

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