Sushi Boy – play slots for free!

Sushi-bar-3d-video-slot.1Konnichiwa is the first is the first word you will receive if you choose to play slots with a famous and glamorous Japanese Sushi Master Chief, as he welcomes you into his restaurant. Here in Slots Cheers we lets players play one of the most exotic slots games for free… that’s right! Play slots for the fun it. If you consider that Sushi Boyindeed is worthy of a true bet, you can easily start gambling for real money!

Introduction and Parameters

As the Japanese music enlightens the atmosphere, you will soon see this is no common Japanese Sushi Joint. This is a Sushi joint where dreams are made and jackpots are given to lucky players, who have what is necessary to play online slots while making a great Sushi dish.  If you gaze upon the background while you play slots with Sushi Boy, you will be able to see many different dishes which will surely open your appetite for profits. Design: 5 Reels – 25/ Coin Value: 0.02, 0.05, 0.10, 0.25, 0.50, 1.00 /Maximum Bet: 1-125 coins/Symbols: 8 normal and 1 wild symbol and 1 scatter symbol

Special Features

If you play slots with Sushi Boy, you will have a fair share of special chances to increase your bounty. The prime example is when the wild symbol makes an appearance on a winning combination, giving you a shot to win between 500 and 950 coins. When this does happen, a hilarious animation occurs, as you will be able to see coins falling like rain for the celling of the Sushi joint.  Amidst the entire spectacle, the bonus count will continue to escalate until its end, moment when players will be drooling to see just how much they are able to get.  Apart from this special feature, the simple act of having a wild symbol in your combination doubles the score of the jackpot.

By getting a two scatter symbols in any position, the player will get a nice bonus of 50 coins. It isn’t anything out of this world, but when players play slots with Sushi Boy they have reported the game tends to be quite generous in the scatter regard, so it definitely is something to keep up in mind.

Free Spins giveaway!

The board of Sushi Boyhas many symbols, but the most coveted ones are the Japanese fan icons.  By getting 3 of these or more, the game takes you to a glamorous VIP lounge, where you can get a maximum of 20 free spins. In addition to this, all the winnings are doubled.

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