The Dark Knight online slot review!

Microgaming is always alert to successful properties, looking for new opportunities to grace slots games fans with themed slot of their favorite characters, movies, videogames and even comic books. Today we are going to cover the one of the best slots, making many headlines last year continuing being the game of choice for thousands of slots games aficionados. Today ladies and gentlemen, is the turn of Batman!

The Dark Knight Rises!

The success of the last film in the Batman trilogy made by Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight Rises) has been the trigger that Microgaming needed to let their creativity flow and develop a game involving the characters that can be seen in the trilogy. The game garnered great reviews because of its simple rules and no less than two hundred different possibilities to get a prize.

Free Gaming Strategy

Game lovers will realize that the rules vary depending on each machine. Each slots game is different from the next, even making a huge difference the manufacturer. The latest Batman adventure has players prepared for four different types of game, so it is recommended that each one of them is studied before you start playing. But in order to attract more participants, Microgaming has launched a very interesting proposition: let players give if a go for free in many of the online casinos where they operate. They have chosen to do this this approach making their entries momentarily free online slots games, because it is a great means of promotions for future customers who will then participate in real money games. It results in a win-win situation, as it’s an ideal choice for discovering the details of each of the games and aims to attract further new recruits.

The Dark knight boosts incredible winnings and great graphic. Expect to see all time graphics in their movie form (Heath Ledger – Joker), (Christian Bale – Batman) and many other characters show up in the game. Never has it felt better to battle evil in Gotham City,

To try the game click PLAY DARK KNIGHT SLOT and join Batman in his almighty quest!

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