The Six Types of Online Casino Players

Online casino gaming is huge. With people from all over the world flocking to thousands of web portals daily in order to spin the roulette wheel, throw a hand into blackjack and bluff their way into poker, it’s hardly any surprise that online casino gaming has a culture of its own. But what of the types of personalities you might find online, playing along with you in particular games? Perhaps these people are worth investigating to possibly even understand where you fit on the spectrum.


The Professionals

These are the guys and girls who make a living via online gambling and have hence earned the title of ‘professional’. You’ll know this type of player when you encounter them as they’ll be highly skilled and experienced, controlling their time spent gambling and keeping a tight watch over their pot. The professional also has the patience to wait for the best bet and does not let emotion rule their hand.


The Casuals and Socials

Because online casinos are a lot of fun to play it’s hardly a surprise that many attract casual and social gamblers, eager to learn more about particular games and enjoy themselves along the way. Play online casino at and you’ll find a mix of these types of players playing for recreation, entertainment and sociability.


The Antisocials

The antisocials are the polar opposite of the professional and casual player. These are the players that look to cheat, aren’t interested in having fun or making friends and usually spoil it for other people. If you ever encounter players that fit this bill be sure to check out and head to other casinos with a wider mix of other playing types.


The Compulsives

The compulsive gamblers are those that struggle to keep their composure while playing and are often led by emotion into making bad or foolish decisions. While sometimes fun and interesting to play against, the compulsive gambler is destined for self-destruction, sometimes unpredictable as a result. Do your best to avoid becoming a compulsive gambler by following casino guides and advice that emphasise keeping an eye on the clock and your pot.


The Serious Socials

Serious social players are the same ones you can always find in the same online casinos. For this type of player, games are a big source of entertainment and kicking back, also allowing them to make friends with other online gamers and gain satisfaction that way too. Serious socials, although they invest a lot of time into gambling, are far from compulsive.


The Escapists

Last but not least there’s the escapists. This type of player hits the online casino in order to find respite from the pressures of everyday living, often helping them cope with problems surrounding anxiety, loneliness, anger and also boredom. Gambling, for the escapist, provides something of an emotional release.


As for these six types of online casino players, which one do you think best describes you?

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