Thor The Mighty Avenger – Online Slot Review

Marvel Comics houses some of the most renowned superheroes in the world. This popularity has lead Playtech, one of the prime online slots development houses of the world, to design many online slots based on such popular properties.

Characters that have received this treatment include the Fantastic Four, Ironman, Thor, The Hulk, X men and Capitan America. Many of these games, correspond to the best Playtech slots online, as they have all win several awards and have become favorites at many casinos. Today the focus will be on Thor The Mighty Avenger, a game that with thunder and bonuses has conquered fanatics all around the world.

Thor – The Mighty Avenger Review

Thor The Mighty Avenger is a 30 paylines and 3 modes online slot. The game comes with detailed graphics and a solid tune, which will keep ringing in the ears of the players. What makes the game stand from the competition, are its 2 wild features. When the player gets more than 2 wilds on the second reel, the Thunderstorm bonus spin feature will be triggered. This feature freezes the reels with many wilds and gives the player a bonus spin. This bonus spin will probe incredibly profitable, as each wild multiply the winnings. The second wild feature is the Lightning Free Spin Feature, achieved by getting 2 wilds on the first reel. When this is achieved, the player will see Thor’s hammer in the middle of the screen, giving up to 5 wilds on each reel with a bonus spin.

Spiderman – Attack of the Green Goblin

Playtech recently announced that Spiderman would be getting its own online slot, which will be released in the coming summer. Officially named Spiderman Attack of the Green Goblin, the game will feature a pretty detailed graphical engine and amazing bonuses. Regular faces from the Spiderman universe such as Mary Jane (love interest) Flash (the bully) or Eddie Brock (Venom) will appear. The premise of this online slot has the player becoming Spiderman and chasing the spectacular bad guys while they win many jackpots.

To get a glimpse of Spiderman Attack of the Green Goblin, check out the video below. The graphical style follows a very comic kind of art, so Marvel fanatics… be prepared!



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