Time to open a casino?

There is a lot of glitz and glamour associated with the operations of a casino – there’s also a lot of money.

In this article we take a look at some of the people who actually own the casinos where we play the slots, the table games, hoping to win our fortunes or at least not lose too big.

Sheldon Adelson

The chairman and CEO of the Las Vegas Sands casino is a pretty big deal. It is estimated that he earns about $32 million every day from the operations of his businesses – his current wealth is estimated to be around $39 billion.

What’s interesting about Sheldon Adelson is that he is a completely self-made success story. His family wasn’t rich, he sold newspapers as a child and never finished college. But he obviously had potential from a young age, he had made his first million by the age of 30.

Adelson’s entry into the world of casino operations was in 1988 when he purchased the Sands Hotel in Las Vegas. His business interests have now extended to also include the Venetian Casino in Las Vegas, as well as the Venetian Macao Casino Resort in Macau, the Marina Bay Casino in Singapore, the Palazzo Casino in Las Vegas, and the Sands Casino in Pennsylvania.

Dr Lui Che Woo

The chairman of Galaxy Casino is estimated to be worth a total of $21 billion, making him probably the second-richest man in Asia. He built his fortune in property development in south east Asia and north America, first entering the gaming industry in 2011 when his company opened the Galaxy Macau Casino – this massive casino has 2,200 hotel rooms, 50 restaurants, 450 gaming tables, and an artificial beach with a wave pool.

Ho Hung Sun

Also known as Stanley Ho, this entrepreneur held a monopoly on Macau’s gambling industry for over 40 years. While the monopoly may now be broken, Ho Hung Sun still controls 15 of Macau’s 18 casinos. His total wealth today is estimated to be around $5 billion and he has 17 children who will all want a slice of that fortune.

Steve Wynn

The chairman of Wynn Resorts in Las Vegas is credited with helping to shape Las Vegas as we know it today. It was Wynn Resorts who built the city’s first themed casino in 1989 – The Mirage was created with a South Sea theme that included an erupting volcano, triggering the beginning of a transformation of Las Vegas as one of the world’s casino capitals. Steve Wynn is also responsible for bringing Cirque du Soleil to Las Vegas where they performed at his Treasure Island Casino – becoming the first permanent show in Las Vegas.
Steve Wynn’s total wealth is estimated to be around $4 billion.

If you’ve ever wondered how to make it rich then maybe you should consider getting into the casino game. The entry price is high and the stakes may be beyond your reach. But if the success of these gentlemen is anything to go by then it is all to play for.

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