What are the best online slots for megabucks!

Some people online gamble for fun, others for thrills; ultimately though, everyone wants that big win.

So what top slots will pay out the big wins you’re after? Take a look at this great list from Kerching casinos.


With the classic Ghostbusters soundtrack and lovable characters from the hit-movie, this has got to be one of the most entertaining slots. The rules are simple – just make your bet, hit spin to send the reels rotating until (fingers crossed) they line up and you get the payout of your dreams. If you’re lucky you’ll get the ballroom busters bonus to help you on your way to the top.

100 Pandas

You’ll find its Chinese-style all the way for this taste of wild far-east adventure. The bet is placed and the reels are spun and after that, all the luck of China could be with you. To make the most of your spin look for the three panda in front of the moon symbol. This acts a bit like a joker in a card game – you can substitute any other symbol for this one to increase your odds of a winning match!

Monopoly Plus

Like the famous Monopoly board game’s fat cat businessman, you want to be a winner. So what better way to enjoy the money-making theme in online slots. All the familiar houses, pieces and Monopoly paraphernalia is there to give you a treat as well as a chance to win Megajackpots. Lining up your matching reels is just like moving your pieces across a Monopoly board – just make sure you collect £200 when you pass Go, and try to stay out of Jail.

Coyote Moon

Another great slot provides lots of bonus features. You get five free spins if you’re lucky, which will keep you in play for longer. Match substitute symbols of Coyote Moon to increase your chances of winning. You can also play multiple lines – up to 40 in total – and your prize can be multiplied. If you’re signing up for the first time don’t forget to select your £100 sign-up bonus.

Da Vinci Diamonds

As the name suggests, this game is all about the bling. The Mona Lisa and other famous paintings by the Italian artist tumble together with diamonds and rubies to get you in the winning mood. Once you match a line the diamonds will crash and disappear, freeing up the next reel for another potential win. The tumbling reels feature allows you to keep playing and winning, and on a played line you can initiate a free spins bonus to increase the odds of making megabucks through great online slots like this one.


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