Which are the world’s most popular casinos?

There’s lots of ways to compare and contrast the hundreds or thousands of casinos operating around the world.

In this article we’re looking at the most popular, but it isn’t really an exact science – we need to look at not only which casinos hosts the most players each year, but also the volume and value of the bets that players are making.

It’s definitely a list that is open to debate, but see what you think of our suggestions.

Casino de Monte Carlo – Monte Carlo

Perhaps one of the most iconic casinos of the world is the Monte Carlo casino in Monaco. Owned by the government and monarchy of Monaco, one of its primary purposes is to raise revenue for the country – one of the reasons that local residents of Monte Carlo are prohibited from playing the casino games within. This is an experience that is straight out of the fantasy world of James Bond – time for a dry martini!

Grand Lisboa – Macau

Macau is such a gambling Mecca that it’s impossible to create a list of popular casinos without including several of Macau’s hottest properties. The Grand Lisboa is definitely one of the big ones – 58 floors within the tallest building in Macau; 800 gaming tables; and 1,000 slot machines. Poker and Craps are some of the most popular games on offer.

Wynn – Macau

Another big name in Macau is the Wynn – a Las Vegas-style casino complex that includes a hotel, restaurants, shopping, and spa. With over 600 hotel rooms; 375 slot machines and over 200 gaming tables, there are plenty of options to choose from. There’s also a Wynn casino in Las Vegas which was the original property for the group.

The Rio – Las Vegas

This is a casino with a hotel that only offers suites – over 2,500 hotel suites, so it’s a massive property. Inspired by Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, the colours and decor embrace a very Latin feel.

The Venetian – Las Vegas

Occupying the site where the Sands Hotel used to stand, one of the features of The Venetian is that it includes a replica tower of the St Mark’s Campanile in Venice. More than just a casino, The Venetian also houses a large convention centre and a hotel resort. With over 8,000 hotel rooms and suites, there is plenty of accommodation available for the guests who try their luck on the massive floor of tables games and slot machines.

Bellagio – Las Vegas

One of the most recognisable casinos due to its frequent appearances in movies such as Ocean’s 11 and The Hangover. The Bellagio is also one of the world’s biggest casinos for poker players – beloved by professional players because of the high limits allowed on the casino’s tables.

The Venetian – Macau

While the Venetian in Las Vegas is big and undeniably popular, it’s The Venetian in Macau that probably takes the cake. An impressive facade with spectacular views, it is the overwhelming size of the Venetian that will take your breath away. This is serious gambling.

So many casinos, so little time. Are you ready to try your luck?

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