Why do we enjoy gambling?

ff_lottery_fWho doesn’t enjoy the excitement about taking a guess about something and the thrill of being right?

It’s human nature to make educated guesses or to simply feel lucky and take chances. This is why we trade on the stock exchange, play the lottery or even spend a few pounds on a lucky dip at a Christmas Bazaar.

Whether it is for fun, to enhance our social life or to escape the day-to-day grind, taking a gamble for the chance of winning money or a nice prize is part-and-parcel of being human.

The important point is to gamble wisely. In other words, only risk what you can afford to lose be it money, time or your peace of mind.

I feel lucky

This type of gambling is normally unplanned. It’s spontaneous – you could be walking past your local shop and decide to buy a lottery ticket or you could decide to have a flutter on the new GeoLotto game while completing your online shopping. This fantastic online game is a great way to put yourself in with the chance of winning some cash without taking up much of your valuable time.

You have a good feeling about taking a risk and aren’t too worried about the outcome. What attracts you is the fun of doing something out of the ordinary which just might bag you an unexpected prize.

The great escape

At times daily life can be pretty mundane. The same routine, the same faces, the same problems and even the same pleasures can feel like a grind.

Going to a casino can feel like a break from normal life which is one reason why it attracts so many people. A casino has an exotic and exciting atmosphere which feels like another world and is pleasant to dip into.

The same goes for online lottery games. All the different games test your brain and judgement and take you away into another universe for a while.

One reason we like to gamble is the same reason we go to the cinema, watch TV or read a book; to escape from life for a little while.

Extra cash

There is nothing wrong with spending a quid or two and taking a chance to make some extra cash by playing the lotto online or spending the night in a casino.

It’s like any indulgence; if you know your limits, you will come to no harm and have the chance to relax in the process.

It gets risky when you gamble in order to feed financial needs though. To avoid this road find out more at the Gambling Commission.


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