Why Online Slots Will Always Be Better Than Real-life Slots

Sure, the flashy lights and enticing “ca-ching!” sounds won’t be the same, but did you know that some players prefer virtual slots over real-life ones? How is this possible, you ask. Well here are some of the top reasons why pixelized slot machines are better than those big, bulky ones that you can find in your local casino:

1. No one will know that you’re playing

Do you value your privacy? Do you not want people knowing that you’re spending your free money on slots? Then online slots is for you. You are completely anonymous and no one will possibly know that you are playing. This kind of confidentiality is something you will never get from a public casino.

2. No need to line up for your favorite machine

We’ve been there before: your favorite lucky machine has been occupied by another player who seems to be hell-bent on winning something from the machine no matter how long it takes. And you’re just standing there waiting for that particular player to buzz off. In online slots, you will never experience this kind of scenario. Do you have a favorite slot machine game? Open your account, fire the game up on your web browser and play on.

3. Track your every penny- winnings, losses, and so on

A simple click can give you all the financial information you’ll need to keep track of your bankroll. Your win percentages, the total amount of money you’ve spent, even your losses- all can be accessed with just a simple mouse click. You can control the amount you are betting- so there’s less chance for you to overspend.

4. No distractions

So what if there are no free drinks, you can simply just pour yourself a glass of red wine at home if you really want your alcohol fix while playing slots. Casinos are designed to leech the maximum amount of money out of you, and peddling you with these kinds of distractions is a great way to keep the cash rolling. There are no other players or servers bugging you every minute, so you have all the time in the world to focus on your game.

5. The deposit system is a breeze

Real-life slots would sometimes require you to buy denomination tokens in order for you to play them. You would have to go through the trouble off going to the counter, taking out your wallet, counting your cash, handing them to the teller, collecting your tokens, and walking back to your machine. In online slots, your credit/debit card (or Paypal, MoneyBookers, and Neteller account, for that matter) is all that you need to stop playing.

6. Huge variation of slot machine games

Well, the internet is your oyster. Are you bored of the old, usual fruit machines? Then try a Star Wars themed slots for a change! Most casino sites offer a wide variety of themed slots games that are catered to even the most whimsical of players.

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