Why You Should Socialize and Play Bingo

There are certain expectations that come with playing bingo. A big gala room. An announcer. Drinks. Plenty of people filling the space. A fun night out. Without all these bingo just wouldn’t seem like bingo. It also probably wouldn’t have caught on to the extent it has around the world and certainly wouldn’t be an online gaming favourite like it is today.

Yes, bingo inevitably carries certain connotations. Providing the space to socialize is just one of those. And this is also one of the main reasons people love the game.

Thanks to its transition online though, this social element, although it would appear seemingly so, hasn’t necessarily been lost. The fact is that there are plenty of reasons as to why you should look to socialize online playing bingo just as much as you would in a community hall.

Here we take a look at some of the big ones.

Online Chatrooms

When you get on with free bingo and first jump into the online space, it can be confusing as to how bingo is going to replicate the same social environment that it has when you play in person. Chat rooms however, which almost all the popular bingo sites have, are just one such way you can stay social.

You might have to learn the lingo and the shortcuts of course but that’s unlikely to really take you long. BLNG (better luck next time) and HABO (have a better one) are examples of that, both really demonstrating the goodwill of the community and how people interact.

What’s more is that in online chat you’re also no longer restricted geographically in your opportunities to socialize. Thanks to the nature of the web you can make international friends from across the world, something that’s certainly not on offer when you play down at your local village hall.

Limited Silence

Unlike in real-life bingo, where the announcer patiently calls-out the numbers and players have to remain in silence while they concentrate, playing online means you no longer have to put up with those prolonged periods where nothing is being said.

Because everything is happening on screen, these silences no longer occur in online versions of the game meaning you can chat with people all you want, whether that’s in the online chat rooms or across Skype in real-time. Pretty handy if you need to make some family-based calls for a catch-up but don’t want to sacrifice playing time.

Automatic Marking

As mentioned before, the benefits of playing bingo online as opposed to in-person also come into play when it comes to marking.

It’s during this period when, in real-life, you’d have to concentrate the hardest, remain the most silent and ensure that you don’t miss an all-important call.

Thanks to online sites offering automatic marketing on tickets however, you can now use this time to socialize via online chat, social media or the phone while still remaining rest-assured you won’t miss out on a call or worse, the jackpot.

Socializing while playing bingo, thanks to modern technology, is as easy as ever. It even offers additional benefits too.

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